Asher Quinn

Asher Quinn

Asher Quinn is an English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and mystical balladeer, first known as Denis Quinn on the New World Music label.

Quinn’s debut album for New World Music, Open Secret, was instrumental, and he pioneered a mix of neo-classical compositions and ambient pieces, and fitted them into the expanding new age genre. This album was produced by his friend and mentor Anthony Phillips, co-founder of Genesis. The album topped the new age and ambient charts around the world, and the track “Soldier of love” was used as an anthem by various spiritual organisations.

A string of successful albums for New World Music followed, and he became internationally known as simply Asha. In 1990, Quinn made Wings of Fire, produced by New World Music colleague Phil Thornton, before recording for the last time with Anthony Phillips on Amadora, in 1991. Both these albums mixed instrumental passages with vocals, chants and mantras

Quinn’s music is heavily influenced by, and expressive of, spiritual traditions, notably the Sufi path, Christian mysticism and the Kabbalah. He was initiated into the Sufi order of Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan in 1988, the same year that he legally changed his name from Denis to Asha, following a dream.

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