Bee Bakare

Bee Bakare

Bee Bakare is a singer-songwriter based in London, UK. Her music is recognisable by the soulful, rich and warm contralto that features in her sound. She released a debut EP in June 2015 in response to request from audiences and friends at performances (available in digital and CD format).

Since her successful EP launch event, she has played gigs in and around Bath, west England, where she studied and lived after originally pursuing a very different career path. She has also performed various gigs in London and other cities. Music from her EP has featured on various internet radio stations.

Her live performances incorporate songs from her collection of very new, new and old material. Singing and writing from a young age, her musical influences include the likes of Tracy Chapman, Lauryn Hill and Anita Baker.

Bee is passionate about connecting with people through real emotions and events in her lyrics. She also enjoys putting a smile on people’s faces usually through ‘bad attempts at being funny’ and has confessed to ‘an obsessive fondness for the Australian accent’.

Visit her YouTube channel for music videos or free listening on Spotify/Soundcloud. You can browse and follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Feel free to drop her a message, tweet or tag. She’d love to hear from you!

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