Edwin Fawcett

Edwin Fawcett

“Lift your eyes and look. Who made these stars, calling each one by name?” – Isaiah 40:26

“This new record Lift Your Eyes is the culmination of three years of personal reflection and of arranging, recording and producing. However, some of the songs were written more than ten years ago, when I was earnestly growing in faith and reading the Bible with a real hunger for the first time, especially the Psalms.

The Psalms provided material I could lend my own voice to, literally and creatively, in encountering God – and these sounds made their way onto my first two CDs Soulpsalms and Stronghold. I have found that the words of the prophet Isaiah, set to music on this new project, have provided something different – a more deeply intimate message from God to me, about God and about me. I have particularly needed, and been nourished by, such a message at this time in my life.

Moving forward, as I continue creating, ‘passionately dedicated to the search for new epiphanies of beauty’ (Saint John Paul II), I hope that the encouragement I have received from these words will be shared by those who listen.”

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