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Ian White is a Christian music singer and songwriter who has travelled the world, produced more than 20 albums, and has combined sales from his Scottish based record label, Little Misty Music, of around a quarter of a million units.

At 21, whilst studying for an arts degree at Aberdeen University, Ian made a deep and lasting commitment to Christ. Deciding to dedicate his musical talents to God, Ian began to gain a reputation locally as a Christian singer.

However at that time little was materialising financially, and Ian applied, and was accepted at Aberdeen University, where he successfully completed a Divinity degree. During this time a new creative flow began, and Ian found himself able to compose prolifically. He decided to reapply himself to the ancient Psalm lyrics of the Old Testament and found tune after tune just seemed to come, music with a modern feel, but still managing to capture the essence of the lyric’s power. Ian’s music began to gain a following in the Aberdeen area, and by the time he had finished his degree, he was convinced that music was the direction God wanted him to take.

After 35 years in gospel music, Ian is now specializing in a teaching project for disabled people. He builds specially designed keyboard and guitar stands that enable people to play who never thought their physical disabilities would allow them to. He organises a monthly concert programme for the pupils, who come together under the name Ian White and the Inspiration Orchestra.

In addition, the charity Ian has been involved in setting up is called Home Visit, because the cornerstone of the teaching programme involves one-to one teaching in the pupil’s own homes (the website when it goes live will be http://www.homevisit.com).

Ian is also returning to his early love of classical music, and is in the process of forming a publishing company called White MacDonald Publishing. Incorporating many of the original tunes from his well-known Psalms project, he is currently in the flow of writing a series of full orchestral symphonies, named after Kinnoull Hill in Perth where he lives.

There will be seven symphonies in the Kinnoull Series, with the first 5 already written. The first two have already been recorded with a professional orchestra in the Czech Republic, and the first will shortly be available for purchase, both in CD format and download from www.whitemacdonaldpublishing.com.

The premiere public performance of Kinnoull Symphony No.1 was on 11th May 2016 in Atlanta Georgia by a Youth Orchestra from the district of Chamblee. The Perth Youth Orchestra are touring the Czech Republic this summer including the symphony in their set.

In addition, Ian is enjoying playing some old rock and blues standards again with an old friend Pete Caban… they host a monthly event in Perth…come and join them!

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