ILLUMINA are Lila & Anaam, two divinely inspired singers who hold a space of healing and celebration.
They use beautiful vocal harmonies and melodies of Sacred Sounds and Mantras from all around the world to reconnect to the still, silent presence of our divine nature.

ILLUMINA came about quite organically. In the early days we would often sit together, especially in the mornings, and sing sacred chants & devotional songs from our favourite artists (Snatam kaur, Deva Premal, Jai Uttal & Krishna Das etc.) We were experiencing such profound communion with Divinity and so much bliss singing these chants and songs, that it seemed the most natural thing in the world to share our musical experiences with the whole world!

Our music mainly honours the Hindu, Sufi (Islamic) and Sikh traditions however American Indian, Tibetan, Latin American & Taoist chants are also part of our repertoire.

It is an amazing & truly satisfying feeling after an event – whether a concert or workshop – to know that our time has been spent enriching, edifying and deeply reconnecting with everyone who shared our music with us. We have witnessed many people having powerful and healing spiritual experiences in such a setting. Originally we started out singing covers from other artists but over time we’ve acquired an engaging, melodic mix of original material which we love to share with others.

Our main intention is to encourage & allow a Still, Silent field of Pure Presence to emerge in the group space, helping everyone to experience their True Selves in this Divine Stillness. This is the whole art and science of Chanting and Mantra work – especially when lots of people come together with that intention.

Along the road we’ve become convinced that this is what we are meant to be doing at this crucial time in our beautiful planet’s history.’

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