As an artist I have performed at so many venues including Bridgewater Hall, Chester Races, The Royal Albert Hall, Peckforton Castle, Carden Park Hotel, Grosvenor Pulford, Plas Ifan Hotel, the Oriel Country Hotel, Manchester City Legends Lounge, Storyhouse Theatre Chester, Hilton Manchester, The Ryder Cup, Gleneagles and thousands of weddings, parties, functions at Golf Clubs, Jazz Bars and in particular Alexanders Jazz Bar Chester and hundreds of other Hotels.

I have performed at Wigan Festival and The Storytime Festival in Manchester. I am also featured on a Charity Album for Claire House Hospice and performed at Vale Party in the Park. I have also worked internationally as a Band Singer for both P&O and Thomson Gold Hotels (Cala Llonga Hotel, Ses Estaques Hotel, Hotel Panorama, Es Cana, Ibiza) singing around the Mediterranean during professional Equity Contracts. I have sang for Warner Hotels at both Norton Grange Hotel & Littlecote House Hotel. I also worked as Lead Vocalist at Louis Phaethon All Inclusive Beach Hotel, Pathos, Cyprus.

I sing at parties, events, weddings and corporate gigs as a singer/guitarist.

I am also a singer/songwriter and the songs I write are a unique brand of contemporary music with influences from the genres of soul, blues, country, folk, gospel and world music. My songs speak to me from quite a deep reflective part of myself and I find they are often channelled through dreams and come to me at times of distress in my life to empower and motivate me to overcome any adversity.

I feel my songwriting is indeed Spiritual, I am a spiritual person and I try to believe that the good in me will reflect in others. I try to believe that we are all here to do our best to show that goodness, integrity, compassion for others and rising towards the lighter energy, ethereal energy is the way towards creating more joy & hope and less hatred on earth. I have named my first album, Ethereal Sky to reflect this belief.

I am motivated by my love of creating and expressing my ideas through music. I love stories and for me my songs are stories and I love performing them. For many years I have played at various festivals showcasing what I have written so far.

I consider myself to be an artist and an artist is someone who loves to create their work. With my music I love to sing sincerely and I have been told my vocals are full of emotional power and purity. I am inspired to create material which is soulful, delicate, reflective, emotionally-wrought and playful. Sincere and soulful, I love harmonies and have brought harmonies into my recordings and performances to try and create that ethereal sound. I perform live with a loop pedal which creates some amazing sounds. I perform my original songs with myself on vocal/guitar, violin and piano.

I am also a teacher & mentor and have been honoured to coach many children and adults using my own life experience and passing on the skills I have used to overcome blocks to learning and any shyness and confidence building needed. I am qualified to Diploma level with the London College of Music (DipLCM) and have a Cert Ed in Education.

I also love to see others enjoying music and is the main reason I chose a career in music, singing and performance!

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