Jayne Lewis

Jayne Lewis

Jayne Lewis is an accomplished singer/songwriter from the North east of England, but is now living and working as a musician in Dorset. She has been singing since the age of 14, playing piano since the age of 11, and has been trying her best to teach herself guitar since the age of 20!

Jayne has 3 solo albums under her belt. ‘Orange sky’ was released in 2004, after Jayne was signed up by the major Christian recording company, ‘Authentic Media’. This signing was based solely on the strength of a rough demo, which was passed on to the A&R manager there.

Then after a few years, Jayne had accumulated enough equipment, talented friends, and expertise to produce her own second album, ‘Exactly where I am’ in 2009. The D.I.Y label ‘Eclectic Records’ was set up by Jayne and the entire album (except for a few ‘live’ tracks) was recorded in her spare bedroom!

Then, in 2011 Jayne produced (almost entirely D.I.Y) her third album ‘The Ordinary things’. Again, recorded in fox street studios! For more details and reviews on these albums please see the music pages on her website.

Jayne’s performing experience is vast and varied. She toured the U.K for the first time at the age of 14, within the organisation ‘The Continentals’. She toured with them as a solo singer for many years after that, visiting America, South Africa (twice) and of course all over the U.K. At the age of 21 Jayne was asked to be a director of one of these groups.

Jayne also has much experience singing rock and pop, and has toured with rock and pop covers bands. Jayne also performs easy listening and Jazz material, which is mainly at weddings or in other venues such as hotels, bars and restaurants. Obviously her many years of classical training equip Jayne for singing more ‘classical’ repertoire too.

Jayne is also a music teacher and has been teaching music and singing in schools, colleges, theatre schools, and giving private tuition for fourteen years now. Her main field is singing, both individual and group lessons, but she also teaches piano, and has been a lecturer on the Rock and pop music BTEC courses in Further Education colleges.

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