Judith Silver

Judith Silver

Judith started her professional life as a musician in 1996 as a singer/songwriter, playing in small venues, mostly around London. Her first performance of original songs was at Bunjies Folk Club and she developed from there to perform at a wide variety of venues such as the Mean Fiddler, The Borderline and the Rock Garden.

From her beginnings as a guitar-focused composer, with the odd piece for piano thrown in, she began creating harmony songs for groups to sing around the time she started leading singing workshops, both within and outside the Jewish community.

An emphasis on joy, companionship, connection and inspiration runs throughout Judith’s work. Whether performing or teaching, composing or leading music in services, she always brings her own deep experience of the power and potential in singing and her passion to share these with others.

Her conviction that no-one should be denied these gifts means that her groups are open, welcoming and accepting. They focus on the simple enjoyment of learning songs and co-creating sounds, being together, celebrating and supporting, creating community.

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