Laurie E. Roberts

Laurie E Roberts

I have always had a passion for music but was too shy in my younger years to pursue my interest. I remember the Lord calling me into the ministry, whilst sitting in the synagogue listening to the Rabbi talk about the tower of Babel and the people speaking in other “tongues”, I knew then that the Lord had called me into His kingdom to minister to His people.

I had a lot of questions that went unanswered. I remember a lot of the “sermons” the Rabbi gave and very few had to do with Heaven, Hell or Eternal Life after death. I found the Old Testament very intriguing especially all of the history that is involved.

At 12 years old I asked G-d to give me the gift of music & singing. It was at this time I felt a tugging at my heart and was given the desire to minister in the UK. As years went by, my best friend gave me her guitar and I practiced everyday for hours. I checked out a few books on chords from the library and I taught myself how to play. At this time I started to write lyrics and the melodies would come to me automatically. I knew this just had to be G-d since I couldn’t even read or write music at the time. As my talent developed I had opportunities to play and sing in a variety of places from “Top Gun” in Miramar AB, CA to other military bases, restaurants and Lodges all over the San Diego area. My parents didn’t know, I told them that I was going out with friends. (Actually my friends went with me. Sorry mum!)
Four weeks prior to enlisting in the United States the Air Force in 1980, I was saved/completed at a David Wilkerson Revival .Talk about a significant turning point in my life! It was AWESOME! I never looked at people in the way I use to before this totally wonderful experience in my life! People still ask me when I “converted” I ask them when did Jesus, Y’shua convert? I am a Messianic Jewess a completed, renewed and I believe that OUR G-D is the Alpha & Omega.

While in basic training I still worked on my music which led into several more opportunities to perform. I auditioned for “Tops in Blue” and “Star Search” and sang in several Commissioned and Non- Commissioned Officer’s Clubs. Years have passed and the doors continued to open for me.

I have now ministered /performed at The Louisiana Hayride, Texas, Mississippi, California, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Canada, Spain, Mexico, a Cruise Ship, Scotland and England. I have been a guest on several radio shows, including a BBC Breakfast radio show as well as in a couple of commercials. G-d’s promises are true and He loves us so very much. None of these things in my life have happened out of “coincidence”. Even through divorce, illness/cancer, 13 surgeries, 2 car accidents, the loss of my husband of only 2 1/2 years, in a tragic accident, my sons being sent to Iraq, 911 (I had to be treated in the hospital 2 times due to the fall out of all the toxins that burned when the Twin Towers fell). I refuse to let the enemy get the victory! G-d NEVER left me or my children. G-d started preparing me 25 years ago for the ministry that I have (In His name) now. I had to go through a lot of refining fires to learn.

Everything is in His Glory and in His time. Adonai Echad…… The Lord Is One.
Putting all politics aside whether or not we should be involved in the war, please hold them in your prayers.

My newest CD “Through These Eyes” is VERY eclectic. I sing some of the songs English/Hebrew, English/Yiddish (Kelzmer), English/Spanish, English/Arabic. I want to be able to touch all corners of the world with music, visual aids and dancing…

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