Neuma Ian Martin

Neuma (Ian Martin)

Neuma is a US-born, UK-based emcee with a passion for thought-provoking, spiritually-conscious hip-hop music.

I create spiritually intellectual hip-hop with depth, style and integrity. I’m inspired by great thinkers and lyricists and write with a vulnerable prophetic edge, speaking to what is from the borders of what should be. My beats are authentic rhythmic collages built through play and creative re-imagining of sounds that move me. I make what I do because I must–love can’t help but overflow. I share the gift because it’s not mine to keep. I harbour a passion and urgency for spreading the truth and making it beautifully plain. Ultimately, as an exile raised between three cultures, I create to call a lost world home.

I am a musical artist and audio professional. This means that I write, produce and perform my own music and also have the talent, training and experience to help others complete their own projects with excellence.

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I have worked on dozens of projects in a variety of capacities, working with professional and amateur artists, groups and organisations in a variety of settings and styles in the UK, USA, Spain, Czech Republic and South Africa.

I offer services in music production, recording, mixing, editing and live engineering. What I can bring is the combined benefit of professional training, varied recording experience and genuine personal passion. With a musical ear and a keen eye for detail, I blend competency with raw creativity to produce compelling results for every kind of audio creation.

Previous projects I have worked on include: electronic music production and beats, sound design for theater performances, live and studio album recordings, soloist vocal recordings, in- and out-of-the-box mixing, audio post-production and film scoring.

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