Nick Weaver

Nick Weaver

Nick Weaver writes, produces and performs music with philosophical, spiritual and inspiring themes, through Positive songs for empowerment and well being.

We all know that Positive Music enhances everybodys wellbeing. It lifts, supports and encourages. It is about the listener and what can be given by the music to stimulate their soul to experience a happy and fulfilling life. Positive Music is coming into its own as many more artists of all styles are deciding to use their creative talents in service and for the good of humankind, incorporating spiritual, philosophical and inspirational themes that we can all understand and enjoy.

In a world that pulls and pushes, where a moral code has been lost to many and kindness and compassion are observed as weakness, a balance must be found within each of us and inner strength gained to follow the path with fortitude and grace. Positive Music is a universal energy that touches the inner core and acts as a light to guide us, and along with our individual spiritual practices, it is a subtle mentor to move us and remind us that we are going in the right direction.

My name is Nick Weaver, a vegetarian singer/songwriter, promoting life-affirming themes and personal responsibility through Pop powered by positive energy.

After originally being drawn into environmental issues, I eventually decided to pursue the question of why and how we have let these things happen.

The trail led me to look into our beliefs and individual perspectives and along the way I also discovered my own spiritual truths that changed my outlook on our human experience.

So, now, I write and perform about the unlocked power we each have forgotten we have, as the pressures of life suffocate us and an intrusive media seems intent on ‘dumbing down’ our expectations and imagination.

The ‘One’ can make a difference, but it may take courage and sacrifice to live your beliefs, which is where we are all able to support, encourage and celebrate each other.

I have never been drawn to drink alcohol, and a coughing father helped to keep me away from cigarettes, and I guess the only 2 drugs I have been addicted to are music and tea, so you can guess why my home recording setup was duly named ‘Cup ‘o’ tea studios’!. For some reason, which I am forever grateful, I have never experimented with stimulants, and I think part of it is that I prefer to be ‘in’ life and not ‘out’ of it. I was fortunate to discover guitar at the age of 10 and was so consumed by it that I missed out on the usual teenage diversions.

Songs have become my language, as I discovered that I had something I wanted to express passionately and as simply as I could. Pop music has allowed me to refine this message, so I can articulate my inner thoughts and craft them for everybody to understand, and for this I am eternally grateful.

We’re guessing that there are other like-minds out across cyber-space, so get in touch!

We are also looking for opportunities to perform, so if you have a festival or event requiring positive tunes, look no further!

And how about you musicians, film-makers, graphic artists or performers promoting life-affirming art! Let’s get together and create our own events!

Love, light & lettuce, Nick!

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