Paul Saxon

Paul Saxon

My name is Paul Saxon and I’m a song writer, worship leader and follower of Jesus. I live in Bolton, England with my wife Sarah and am a full time youth worker.

I just finished my second recording called Peace Through The Night. It took me three years from start to finish and it is my best attempt at celebrating just how big God is whilst encouraging others to keep trusting His goodness even during the pain and sorrow of life.

At the age of 14 I picked up the guitar for the first time and never looked back. Music has been really important in my life and my journey as a Christian and so I would love my songs to inspire and encourage others just like some of my musical heroes have inspired me.

My hope and aim through the songs I record is to point people to a God who is vast beyond our wildest imaginations, but at the same time that He counts the hairs on our heads and is closer to us than we realise.

I really enjoy leading worship, talking about Jesus and hanging out with people, if you ever need anyone to do one or all of those things at an event you are part of please get in touch!

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