Richard Birch

Richard Birch

Manchester UK based Richard Birch has written more than 5 albums and many more instrumentals. Richard has no wish to promote himself as an artist. His only objective is to provide songs in many different music genres for any Artists/Artistes/Worship Bands etc. willing to take the songs and put their own interpretation on them. The range of genres covers Rock/Ballad/Reggae/Dance/Classical/Electronic
Watch his videomix to get an idea of the variety of songs available.

My name is Richard Birch – nickname Ricky. I was brought up in Darwen, which is a small town in Lancashire, England, close to the home of the best football team in the world, Blackburn Rovers!! I attended Darwen Vale High School, and have always lived close by, even though I have now emigrated to Bolton (8 miles away).

I have worked in music all my life, but have always had an ambition to write my own album. Once I started I could not stop and hence 4 years later I have written not one but 5 albums of material, all with an interrelated spiritual lyrical theme, but with vastly different musical styles. I hope many of you out there will use some of these tracks as a base to do your own thing with them.

THE SUPPLICATA – The Supplicata is a set of modern prayers written by Richard Birch, influenced by the 15 most prayed about subjects in our world today, beautifully narrated by the soothing voice of TV presenter Charles Foster, to the calming textures of the orchestral and electronic music compositions of Richard Birch.

GLAD TO BE ALIVE – A collection of 12 original, rock based, praise and worship songs. Written, sung and produced by Richard Birch.

AGAIN AND AGAIN – A collection of 12 original praise and worship songs in various musical styles. Written, sung and produced by Richard Birch.

FROM THE BLUE SKY – A collection of 11 original Praise and Worship rock harmony songs, written and performed jointly by Richard Birch together with rock singer Simon Van Downham.

HOLY ANTHEMS – A collection of 11 original new modern trance/dance spiritual songs written and produced by Richard Birch featuring Sheila Gott on vocals.

SUPPLICATA PRAYER BOOK – A beautifully illustrated book written by Richard Birch, containing a modern approach to the 15 most prayed about subjects in our world today.

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