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Theresa Whitebuffalowoman - Singer, Composer, Musician and Teacher

Theresa Matthew Whitebuffalowoman is a singer, composer, musician and teacher of many years’ experience who has explored the numerous dimensions within the spirit realm:

“I have come to knowledge through being able to sit with many ancient spirits including wise Native Indian Chiefs that have given me many sacred songs that I use in my work along with other musicians in spirit.”

From the very moment of her birth she was very much aware of the constant connection with spirit beings who were directing her to what would become her life purpose:

“As I grew into adulthood I found it easy to make a connection with many teachers whose wisdom has endowed me not only to be a teacher but also to explore the mystical realms of that dimension behind the veil of the material world thereby being granted access to music from the higher realms.”

Sitting in the company of many Native Indian Chiefs she was endowed with the ability to write down the songs in her mind to sense the music which would give them life:

“This amazing ability I hold very humbly as I’m aware it is not my own prestige but gifted to give others the key to their own sacred journey.”

Theresa has also composed instrumental healing and meditation music on the album Journey Into Shambala, and Celtic, goddess, spiritual folk songs and devotional music on the albums New Dawn Rising, Breath of Peace and Devotion.

Theresa has created 14 albums so far and has just released two new albums: The Best of Theresa Whitebuffalowoman and The Best of Songs from The Council of 21 Native Indian Chiefs as well as a DVD Open My Heart To Peace.

A new album is currently in production, Rhythm of The Dove, being released In 2020.

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