Tim Jenks

Tim Jenks

Tim Jenks is a committed Christian with a passion for the blues. He has been involved in promoting the Lord via the medium of music for over half a century and has a fan base that stretches across the pond to the U.S. of A.

“The late ’60s saw me introducing the electric guitar into our local church and the start of gospel rock making an impact within the coffee bar circuit. With a constantly changing line-up we settled on a three-piece boogie blues band called Life which spent most weekends hacking up and down the M6 to church coffee bar outreaches.”

“With gig demand ever increasing I prematurely ended my teaching career in 1974 to form the full time pro-band Aaron and after a year touring pubs and clubs – the emphasis being on playing places Christian bands normally didn’t – Aaron was invited to tour high schools and colleges in the USA. Two nine-month tours followed and we successfully took on the secular glam-rock scene.”

Tim has made four recordings since 2002. The first was a collection of four of Tim’s original songs under the title ‘Sands of Time’. The second was an album ‘Tear Down the Walls’ featuring five of Tim’s songs. More recently he recorded a dedicated Christmas album combining some rock arrangements of traditional carols alongside four original songs especially written for a Christmas concert – ‘Realms of Glory’.

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